Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is a god-sent gift that keeps your foodstuffs fresh for the longest time possible. Because this appliance is often working around the clock to keep your food fresh, it is prone to issues and breaks downs. When this inevitably happens, all that money you spent on food could be about to go down the drain.

It’s always best to call a professional for assistance with refrigerator repair to avoid being exposed to hazardous substances. However, there are some issues you can troubleshoot yourself. Using simple steps and tools such as a drill and screwdriver, you can fix some of these problems on your own.

When doing DIY you must always be careful, but it can save your cash and your own time, that otherwise would have been spent elsewhere. These fixes can be simpler than you might expect, all you may need to do is check the fridge controls and door seals among other things.

It’s important to always maintain and look after this important appliance by cleaning the coils for the condenser around one time every 12 months, this will extend the lifespan of your appliances by several years.

10 Of The Most Common Refrigerator Issues

  1. Noisy

Fridges are often noisy as standard, but if they get louder it may be the fans on your fridge, that could possibly require a replacement. If you leave this unattended to, your fridge will not cool anymore.

  1. Fails to Start

Ensure that your capacitor for the relay is able to start and make sure that the control board for the electronics and also the controls for temperature are set as they should be in the appliance manual.

  1. Leaking

A leak is the worst possible issue with an appliance, It damages everything around it including itself. If you begin to have a leak check your water valve and the gaskets. If your fridge has an ice maker, ensure that the ice is not melting to cause water to leak.

  1. The refrigerator is Too Warm

The purpose of a fridge is to keep your food cold, if it can’t do that, it’s a glorified storage box. The three parts that need replacement, in this case, are usually the air damper, baffle, and diffuser. A professional can help determine which one needs replacement.

  1. No Water Dispensing

If your fridge’s water dispenser is not providing water it could be your water valve being blocked or broken, or the actuator.

  1. The Freezer and Fridge Sections are Too Warm

If both your freezer and fridge are too warm, ensure that your fan’s motor and control for temperatures are set correctly, also check your senor to see the correct temperature inside.

  1. Faulty Lighting

You’ll need to replace the bulb if your fridge lighting is having issues if replacing the bulb doesn’t work check the socket. If you’re seeing dim lighting, it will require repairs.

  1. Fridge Runs for Long

If you notice that your fridge is running for longer than usual, it could be either the defrost heater or timer. Around one percent of all customers have reported this fault.

  1. Sweating Door

If you notice moisture on your door, it could the that the seals for the gasket are faulty. The door could require replacement.

  1. The fridge is Too Cold

If your fridge is too cold it could be either your controls or the sensor for temperature being faulty. Usually, this is down to extra cold air getting into your fridge.


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