Oven Repair

Without your oven, your daily life would be harder, and your daily schedule would be upside down. For that reason, we must take care of our kitchen appliances, especially ovens.

Although even when cared for correctly, an oven can break down and stop working with relative ease. Any kind of issue with an oven can ruin your day and cause unneeded frustration. That’s why we’re offering you excellent same-day appliance repair for your oven at Chris’ Appliance Repair of Lenexa.

We’re always on hand to assist and we’re here to make sure your household does not get disrupted. Our experts are certified professionals with years of experience in appliance repairs, being able to provide repairs to your oven, regardless of brand or model.

The Common Signs That Your Oven Needs Professional Repair

There are a million different things that could be at fault with your oven or stove. But we’ve listed some of the most common that show that you might need a professional to come out and look.

Incorrect temperature

If your oven is not going to the temperature you have set, but instead higher or lower. You can usually recalibrate the controls for temperature which is often displayed in your appliance manual. If recalibration doesn’t work, a professional can help fix your issue.

The appliance won’t turn on

There are quite a few issues that could cause issues with turning on your oven. It could be anything from the control board being at fault, wires being damaged, or power not getting to the unit. If your oven is a gas oven, it could the valve, igniter or the control for gas.

DIY repairs on an oven are dangerous and should not be attempted unless you’re someone who has been trained in doing so. You could be putting yourself in danger, and others too. So, leave it to the professionals to sort.

The oven light isn’t working

If your oven light isn’t turning on, you’ll first need to test a new bulb. If it’s still happening, it could be several things you have wrong with your oven, from the switch for the light to the wiring or controls. A repair professional should be able to sort this issue quickly to avoid too much disruption.

The door will not open or shut

Usually, if your door won’t open or close, your hinge would require a replacement. This requires a professional to come out and repair as your door will require disassembling along with the removal of the panel on the side.

The self-cleaning mechanism isn’t working

If your self-cleaning isn’t working as it should, it could be the door locks/switch as your cleaning cycle cannot begin unless the lock on the door is active. It could also be several other things such as the control board, wires, fuse or thermostat.

One of our professionals should be able to assist and get this fixed for you quickly and for a cost-effective price.


Rust can quickly escalate from a small issue to a larger issue. If it gets to the point where there’s a hole in your oven, the moisture caused by cooking could be the cause. This is often expensive, and we’d usually advise a replacement. But don’t fret, we may be able to repair it.


If you begin to experience these issues or other problems with your oven that stop it from working as well as it did, give us a call.

Why Choose Chris’ Appliance Repair of Lenexa?

At Chris’s Appliance Repair we guarantee satisfaction to every one of our customers. When you are quoted with a price, that is what you will pay, you’ll enjoy the luxury of no surprise charges. Our repair service is fast, so fast in fact that we’ll often repair your appliance before the day is over.

With competitive prices, you really can’t beat Chris’ Appliance Repair for your repair needs. Call us today.