Ice Maker Repair

The team at Chris’ Appliance Repair specializes in Ice Maker repair. So, if your appliance has issues, we’re the guys you’ll want.

We can promise the best service and quality of repair/maintenance at cheap rates. The professionals in our team have certification and can provide excellent service to all ice maker models or brands.

Common Ice Maker Issues We Can Repair

We’ve listed a few common issues that many people often experience with their ice makers, contact one of our experts today if you experience any of this.

High freezer temperature

First, check your temperature setting and set it to the same as the one in your owner’s manual, it could be that your setting for temperature was accidentally changed.

If your freezer is above 10 F, it may not produce ice cubes, and if it does, they may not be as you expect. You can purchase a thermometer to check your freezer’s temperature for relatively cheap at most stores.

After that, you should wait some time and see if your appliance starts to make ice again. If it still does not work as it should call us at Chris’ Appliance Repair for expert service and repair.

Ice maker tray does not have any ice

If there’s no ice in the ice maker tray, it’s possible that there’s a problem with the water valve and the supply of water getting to your appliance. It could also be that the pressure of water is low.

If the water is hard in your area, it’s possible that it’s caused by a mineral buildup in the water inlet, which will stop the water flow. Although, it could also be down to other reasons. Which our professional, certified engineers can explain and give you a solution.

No ice comes out of the ejector

If you can see that the ice maker is making ice but there’s no ice coming out, there’s a range of things it could be, most likely your assembly. Usually, when there’s a problem in the assembly, the entire assembly needs to be replaced as it’s cheaper and more efficient.


Luckily, Chris’ Appliance Repair keeps the best parts on hand for situations like this, so you’ll have your ice maker back up and running before the sun goes down.

Leaks from the appliance

Leaks are the worst possible fault to happen with your appliance, not because of the damage to the appliance itself but the damage to everything around it, including walls and floors. The first thing to do is make sure that your ice maker or appliance is level on the ground, and then check the water line for any kind of damage, ensuring that water can flow freely.

If your ice maker has a fill cup, make sure that it’s below the funnel to ensure any excess water flows into it.

If all these things are as they should be, ensure you call a professional, like Chris’ Appliance Repairs, as soon as possible. If your appliance appears to be exhibiting signs of a leak, even a small one, you should get in contact early to prevent any further damage.

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No matter the brand or model, one of our engineers are on hand to assist with their expert skills and experience. If you’re having ice maker trouble, give us a call today.