Freezer Repair

A freezer is an extremely important appliance in the household. It keeps our food fresh and makes them last longer. When it breaks down, it can be a frustrating experience that leads to a breakdown of your daily routine. But don’t rush to replace it with a new one. A professional appliance repair service can save you money and make your freezer last longer.

Chris’ Appliance Repair have expert engineers on hand to get your freezer back up and running as good as new. By bringing in a professional you remove the risk of voiding your warranty through DIY repairs and can add several years onto the life of your appliance.

Signs Your Freezer Needs Repair

The freezer is too cold

It’s obvious that a freezer must be cold to work effectively to keep your food fresh. If your freezer is too cold it can cause many complications that could result in your freezer being damaged beyond repair. If you notice that your fridge is warm, but the freezer is dramatically cooler, your defrost heater could be at fault.

Our technicians at Chris’ Appliance Repair are certified professionals that can give you a solution that works for you. Don’t let the fault worsen, call us today.

The freezer isn’t cold enough

It’s recommended by the FDA that your freezer is set at a temperature of 0 Fahrenheit. If your freezer is any warmer than that, your food could be at risk of being ruined. But also, it’s possible that bacteria will begin to grow and thus increases the chance of disease in your household.

Check your temperature setting and compare it to that of your owner’s manual, it’s possible that your temperature setting was changed accidentally. If your freezer has a thermometer built-in, you’ll be able to check this easily. You can purchase a separate thermometer for quite cheap at most stores.

If you’ve checked these things and there’s still an issue. Call us today and we’ll get someone on it right away.

Frost buildup in the freezer

If there’s a little frost in your freezer, don’t worry, this is normal. But if you notice that the frost levels are increasing to a level that could be worrying, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your freezer. Ensure that your freezer door seals are working correctly, you can test this with a dollar bill by closing the door and seeing if it can be pulled out.

If warm air is allowed in to the freezer, frost will become a problem quickly. Call us.

The freezer just won’t turn on

The first thing to check when an appliance won’t turn on is the power outlet, ensure that there is a power running to it and that the plug fuse for the appliance has not blown. If the outlet has no power, an electrician is the best way forward. Also, check your breaker and ensure it has not tripped.

If this is all okay and your freezer still won’t turn on, chances are there’s a deeper problem with the parts inside of your printer. It could be the thermostat control, compressor or even the control board itself.

One of our professional engineers will be able to assist.

Call Chris’ Appliance Repair of Lenexa, KS

All appliances can be prone to faults or even breakdown, a freezer is no different. If your appliance stops working, we’re always on hand to take a call and give you the best possible answer or solution. We’ll have your freezer running like new in no time at all.

We provide a guarantee on satisfaction and low rates for your needs. Call us today.