Dishwasher Repair

No one wants to come home after a long day to a sink full of dishes. Your dishwasher is a lifesaver at moments like these, but it is a whole different story when the dishwasher isn’t working.

When there is something wrong with the dishwasher, it is going to lead to that time consuming and the frustrating chore of washing dishes by hand. You have to make sure to deal with any problem that your dishwasher is having, even if it is small problem so that it doesn’t turn into a much bigger problem.

The trained professionals at Chris’ Appliance Repair in Lenexa, KS are ready and waiting to take care of your dishwasher issues. We are fast, affordable, and a pleasure to work with. When you need help with the dishwasher, just let us know.

Problems You Should Call Us In For

Below is a list of issues that can happen with your dishwasher. If one of these issues should arise, give us a call so that we can get your dishwasher back to work.

It Won’t Drain

If you have found that there is a large amount of dirty water at the bottom of your dishwasher, there is something wrong. It is common to have some water in the bottom, but this water should be clean water. This problem is likely due to a clogged sink trap, drain line, or drain valve.

Not Filling Up

A dishwasher that isn’t filling up could have a few different things going on that will cause this to happen. It could be an issue with the water supply, a malfunctioning float system, a clogged water intake valve, a bad pressure switch, a water inlet valve, or timer switch.

It’s Leaking

The solution to a leaking dishwasher all depends on where the leak is coming from. If the leak is coming from under the dishwasher, it is likely due to a bad pump seal or a leaking pipe. If the water is leaking out the door, it is probably the gasket around the door, or the door is loose. It could also be due to corrosion which is going to require you to replace the dishwasher.

It’s Making Weird Noises

If it is making clunking, banging, or other loud noises, it could be a bad inlet valve or that the dishwasher is not sitting level on the floor.

It Won’t Turn On

This is likely an electrical issue. This can be caused by a bad connection or wiring.


Chris’ Appliance Repair

Our expert repair technicians can handle any problem. Whether it is one that we listed above or something else, don’t worry, we can take care of it. Our technicians are experienced in dealing with all brands and models of dishwashers and they can get it fixed fast, correctly, affordably, and the first time.

If you have discovered a problem with your dishwasher and you live in the Lenexa area, let Chris’ Appliance Repair get it fixed. We are a company that loves helping our customers.